About Dine for Fun

Preperation for Dinner Party

Started in 2009, Dine for Fun is an online community and service putting fun and excitement into both hosting and attending dinner parties.

Anyone can register for free and sign up for dinner parties of four, six or eight people which take place over as many weeks, giving each person a turn at hosting their own party.

For just £5 per week, excluding your own turn at hosting, everything is arranged for you by Dine for Fun and details are provided about where your host’s party is held in advance – giving you plenty of time to plan ahead.

After every dinner party, you review your host and give them a score online – ultimately meaning a winner is voted for by the group.

Member profiles and menu uploads mean that guests know a little about their host and party before arriving on the night.

Privacy and safety of members is paramount – your details will be kept completely confidential, only being released to other members of your dinner party when needed.

Join now and take part in this thriving community which will be sure to provide unforgettable dinner party experience and meet new and exciting people.